Aqiqah for Rohingyas in Myanmar Package is performed in  Muslim villages located in Minbya Town,  Rakhine State, which is westernmost part of Myanmar. Aqiqah meat will be cooked and served together with cooked rice to poor Muslim villagers and needy Madrasah students (Islamic Scholars).
Our service includes slaughtering, butchering, cooking and serving of Aqiqah meat with cooked rice. Aqiqah photos and videos will be sent to customers by Whatsapp on the same day or one day later once Aqiqah is performed.
As part of our service, we will document the whole process of Aqiqah starting from slaughtering process to final serving and distribution process of the cooked meat. Then, we will issue certificate, Sijil Aqiqah (E-cert in soft copy) with the participant name together with the complete Aqiqah report. Certificates and reports of Aqiqah will be sent to you via Email or Whatsapp within 3 days after completion of Aqiqah. Furthermore, your Aqiqah process photos will be uploaded in our Facebook page after completion for your reference.
Situation of Rohingyas : Due to government strict control, Rohingya people cannot travel out of their villages to other part of Myanmar. They earn their living on farming mainly and get very poor income. Please kindly pray for them in your Dua.
Note: Due to challenges in operating hostile and remote environment, we request a minimum of three-day notice. Your coordination and cooperation is highly appreciated.
Weight of live animal : 20-22 kg (approx)
Weight of net meat    : 11-12 kg (approx)
Number of people that can be served : 100 (approx.) ( cooked meat and rice together)