About Us

Aqiqahsingapura.com is the official Myanmar partner of Hezom International Pte Ltd, Singapore. Since 2014, we have performed over a hundred Aqiqah, Qurban, and Nazar services for the Muslim community in Singapore, many of them being repeat customers. Alhamdulillah, we have successfully channelled the cooked meat of Aqiqah, Qurban and the raw meat of Nazar to deserving Madrasah students as well as our Muslim brothers and sisters in the upper part of Myanmar.

Why Myanmar

In Myanmar, Muslims face many challenges, not only in practising the religion but also in their daily lives and the provision of basic needs.  Among these basic needs are food and education. Most young Muslim adults in this country, including many orphans, receive their education in Madrasahs. A notable fact about Myanmar’s Muslim Madrasahs and Islamic schools is that the school admission, tuition and boarding fees are all borne by the school, through the financial assistance of benefactors. However, with rising cost and financial constraints, most Madrasahs struggle to keep up with this tradition, resulting in poor food provision for the students. By providing Madrasahs with meat—through Aqiqah, Nazar, Qurban—it helps to lessen the financial burden on these schools and allow them to focus their resources on the development of the students.

Apart from providing them with the necessary nutrients, these daily meals enable the students to better concentrate and focus on completing their Islamic studies, producing a steady pool of asatizahs for Myanmar who can then give back to the community.

One of the schools that has benefit from this is the famous Islamic University, Mazarhirul Ulum, whereby 400 students are currently taking their Islamic education.

Additionally, there are many Muslim families who are unable to afford meat in their meals. The provision of meat from these services, helps to improve the quality of their daily meals, providing them with the basic nutrients for a healthier life, especially for those with growing children and the elderlies. These families are carefully chosen by us, ensuring that the meat goes to those that need them most.

Our Services


Aqiqah is defined as the sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of a child’s birth. The performance of Aqiqah is highly recommended and the best time to perform Aqiqah is on the seventh day after the birth of the baby.

For our Aqiqah service package, it includes the initial slaughtering of the animal up to the final distribution of the cooked and raw meat to deserving Myanmar Muslims.


For Korban service, we first choose a place (usually a Muslim village that is highly populated by less well-off Muslims) where Korban could successfully be carried out according to Shari’a guidelines. The Korban and distribution are usually done in the same village. For example, our Korban service in 2015 was done in Swe Mhan village, which holds about 300 Muslim families. The villagers consist mainly of hawkers and farmers, whose daily diet rarely include protein. Performing the Korban then help these less privileged Muslim families to partake in enjoying Korban meat.

We have our well-experienced Korban staff to perform the task and to ensure that no parts of the animal is wasted. Myanmar Muslims can preserve their Korban meat for year-round consumption by using their own preservation methods like sun-drying, salt curing, and packing boiled meat in peanut or sesame oil. Your donated cow is useful from tail to hooves for the receivers. The hooves and bones are used in making soap while the hide is resold to leather factories. Even the inedible internal organs can be re-used as fertiliser.


Nazar (also written as nadhr), is making a vow in the name of Allah. As an illustration, a person may make a vow of this type “O Allah, if you alleviate such and such a person from their sickness, I promise to sacrifice one sheep/goat etc”, then the person who make a vow is obliged to fulfil the sacrifice if the person is healed. In this case it is wajib to give away all the uncooked meat. Our services for nazar slaughters are only for goats.

As a service provider, we ensure that we comply and meet all the obligatory Islamic standards. We base our practices on the Jamiat Ulma-Al Islam (the Islamic Body of Myanmar) instructions in every step of the process, as well as the regulations of the Government of the Union of Myanmar. We make certain that our services are efficiently performed for the best benefits of donors and receivers, and we carry out the amanah (trust) entrusted to us in assisting our Muslim brothers and sisters (receivers and donors) in fulfilling their religious obligations to the best of our abilities.

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