Our Sites in Myanmar to Distribution Sites in Myanmar

1)  Mainly, Aqiqah, Nazar & Sadeqah Service in Rohingya villages located at ourskirt villages of Minbya division ( Such as Satkyar, Kyone Oat, Tan Seik, Naw Naw, Harapine etc). Cooked meat are distributed to poor and needy Muslim villagers and Madrasah students.

2) Villages located in Pyawbwe town under Mandalay division. Name of villages are Swe Mhan, Magyi Pin, Ye Lei Kway, etc.. The villagers consist mainly of hawkers and farmers, whose daily diet rarely include protein. One of the schools that has benefit from this is the famous Islamic University, Mazarhirul Ulum, whereby 400 students are currently taking their Islamic education. And there are one Hafiz school and one lady Hafiz school whereby 100 students are memorizing the Quran.

3) Lat Pan village, located under Kyakese division under Mandalay division. There are 6 Madrasahs and around 3000 homes in Lat Pan village. Most of the villagers and farmers.

The meat from our Korban, Aqiqah, Nazar & Sadeqah services really provide the daily need of poor and needy villagers as well as the Madrasah students in carrying out their Islamic education. Insha Allah, we are also expanding our services to help our Muslim community in other part of Myanmar.