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Support Myanmar Muslim!

Recently, Our Aqiqh Singapura Team has found out new location with poor Muslims located at upper part of Myanmar, called Meiktila. Meiktila is a town with unbelievable history with regards to Muslim. In March 2013, Muslim houses and Mosques were burned down by racist at Meiktila. After that incident, donors help rebuild houses for Muslims and relocate Muslims.

Nowadays, there are about 500 poor Muslim houses located in Meiktila. Muslims there live on poor income like hawkers, motorcycle taxi and masonary wok etc. Insha Allah, with the help of Allah SWT, we will support our beloved Muslim families with our packages : Aqiqah, Sadeqah and Nazar packages so that poor families will have Aqiqah,Sadeqah and Nazar meat in their meals.

May Allah SWT accept and bestow the capabilities to support our Muslims, Amin.

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